[PACapitalChapter] Getting together for the banquet on July 18

Jason Polansky jaedpo96 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 16:38:38 UTC 2020

Hi all, 
As some of us discussed in our meeting last weekend, I proposed the idea of some of us getting together on Sat July 18 to listen to the banquet. 
Obviously, there's no pressure if you are not able to or comfortable. 
I would be happy to host at my apartment, in less someone else would rather host. 
Was thinking I would order pizza and those in attendance could either chip in, or we could use some of our chapter funds if we would rather go that route. 
I still have a bunch of paper plates and plastic silverware that belong to the chapter, as leftover from state convention. 
Also have a nice speaker for hearing the banquet loud and clear.

I appreciate any thoughts that you may have.
Please let me know if you may be open to this. 
I don't want to overcrowd the place, but thinking probably no more than eight people total, including myself. 
The banquet is the final highlight of the convention, so I am encouraging all of you to listen in, even if you are not able to attend. 

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