[PACapitalChapter] 5-26-20 Meeting Notes

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Thank you for these minutes! Take care, everyone,

Carlton Anne Cook Walker
Attorney at Law
BEAR--Blindness Education and Advocacy Resources
Teacher of Students with Blindness/Low Vision
President, National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)
101 Kelly Drive
Carlisle, PA   17015
Voice: 717-658-9894
Twitter: braillemom

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On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 7:30 PM Mark Pickens via PACapitalChapter <
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> I am sorry that I missed the meeting yesterday.  Unfortunately, I did not
> get Jason's email with the new call-in info. until after the meeting had
> taken place.  I do not even remember if I received it earlier or not.
> Anyway, I hope everything went well.  I do not have the zoom app on my
> phone.  I may need some assistance with downloading it on my phone because
> I am unaware of how it is done.  I look forward to staying connected with
> everyone until we meet again.
> Thank You.
> Mark
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> **Please note future Capital Chapter meetings during covid-19 social
> distancing will be held on the Zoom App. Download app & call 215-988-0888.
> **
> Attendance:
> Jason Polanski, Matt Shore, Carlton Walker, Anna Walker, Hillary McFadden,
> Nick Spohn, Steve Pennington, Jerry Curylo, Mark Pickens, Carole Cruise
> Treasurers Report submitted online by Carlton Walker and accepted by
> unanimous vote.
> Guest speaker today was Steve Pennington, Advocate for OVR & BBS
> customers. His cell phone # is 267-615-6893 if you need to contact him.
> Steve generously shared a wealth of information to familiarize our members
> with the workings of the OVR & BBS.
> -OVR State Board (appointed by governor) administers & manages OVR
> -OVR Council makes recommendations to OVR about program needs & plans
> - Vocational Rehabilitation Act was amended in 1973 to require services be
> provided to “sensory disabilities” through OVR who then formed a
> partnership with BBS to serve Blind/Deaf customers.
> -What does the Advocate Assistant Program provide?
> -information to the disabled community about rehab programs available
> -support & advice to those having issues with BBS concerning services &
> will work with customers through the process
> - if issues aren’t resolved then there is support through the appeals
> process & if that doesn’t work support in Federal Court
> -provide guidance to college students
> -one on one support to teach customers tools for self advocacy
> -identify & present policy issues to OVR & BBS
> -help with technology or assistive technology over time
> -what is purpose & goal of advocacy program? To maximize employment,
> training for self sufficiency leading to independence in workplace &
> community.
> -Steve said it could be beneficial for OVR/BBS customers to attend OVR
> Board Meetings (usually held at Harrisburg Hilton.) You can speak to share
> issues & concerns concerning blindness
> -Steve suggested all NFB PA State Chapters sit down and list their most
> important concerns about OVR/BBS services/programs & then share their lists
> & choose issues that the majority agree on as top concerns. Then present
> that list at an OVR Board meeting as a statewide initiative.
> Thank you so much, Steve for joining us today & sharing this information
> to our Capital Chapter members!
> -Hillary McFadden shared her concerns for the
> Mental well-being of many during covid-19 quarantine.
> Jerry Curylo kindly shared his cell # for anyone who is in emotional
> distress to call him to talk.
> Jason shared:
> -next Presidential Release will be live
> -NFB National Convention will be virtual this year and held July 14-18.
> Register online at NFB.org/convention
> -each state will be holding various local activities during the convention
> -there is a contest listed on NFB homepage for those who have previously
> attended National Convention to create a short 1 minute video sharing their
> experiences to first time attendees
> -Nick Spohn, chapter member from Manheim, is a scholarship winner. He
> attends Penn State, Harrisburg. Congratulations Nick!
> -Jason & Nick shared concerns about current college board accessibility
> issues & the effects on the blind students not taking the test on a level
> playing field as their sighted fellow students.
> -as a result of this serious issue, college students across the USA are
> working with the NFB to negotiate with the College Board to correct this
> lack of accessibility for the retest in June
> Last but not least:
> Check out the exciting & informative Zoom activities currently available
> almost daily sometimes multiple times daily-something for everyone !
> Respectfully submitted by;
> Carole Cruise
> Capital Chapter Secretary
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