[Perform-talk] windows media player

Amy Sabo amylsabo at comcast.net
Mon Oct 27 23:13:32 UTC 2008

hello all,

well, lately i have been having a major problem whenever i use media player to listen to audio on the internet especially through internet radio. whenever i go to open up media player it won't let me do it, and it takes forever for media player to launch to listen to the tunes, and also during the presentation media player will pause during it, and then i have to hit ctrl+p to play it again!

this is very frustrating! i have just begun using version 10, and when i had version 9 it also did the same thing so that's why i updated it when  windows suggested me to do so. and, i only have this problemn on my desktop not on my laptop which still has 9.0 and it's works awesome on it!

so, here's my problem how can i fix it so when i go to listen to music on the net that media player won't take forever to launch, and that my tunes or shows won't pause while i'm listening to them and that i have to hit play to play it again?

thanks for your needed help, and i look forward to all of your suggestions on this topic. take care, and i will talk to you all soon!

hugs always,
amy sabo

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