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This is when we say goodbye Media Player..Hello Winamp!
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> hello all,
> well, lately i have been having a major problem whenever i use media 
> player to listen to audio on the internet especially through internet 
> radio. whenever i go to open up media player it won't let me do it, and it 
> takes forever for media player to launch to listen to the tunes, and also 
> during the presentation media player will pause during it, and then i have 
> to hit ctrl+p to play it again!
> this is very frustrating! i have just begun using version 10, and when i 
> had version 9 it also did the same thing so that's why i updated it when 
> windows suggested me to do so. and, i only have this problemn on my 
> desktop not on my laptop which still has 9.0 and it's works awesome on it!
> so, here's my problem how can i fix it so when i go to listen to music on 
> the net that media player won't take forever to launch, and that my tunes 
> or shows won't pause while i'm listening to them and that i have to hit 
> play to play it again?
> thanks for your needed help, and i look forward to all of your suggestions 
> on this topic. take care, and i will talk to you all soon!
> hugs always,
> amy sabo
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