[Perform-talk] NFB Florida Martial Arts Instructor/Civil Air Patrol Major featured in article on blind mentor

Donna Hill penatwork at epix.net
Thu Jul 30 17:50:30 UTC 2009

Hi Friends,

Hope reading this article recharges your batteries as much as writing
it did for me.
/Braille Literacy: Friends and Mentors, a Florida Story/

/July 28, 2009/


Ad: If it was up to you to teach legally blind children, would you 
insist that they use their remaining vision as much as possible, even if 
it meant that they were functionally illiterate and one day they would 
walk in front of a truck with their young child? Or, would you want to 
give them the tools and awareness to become successful adults who could 
function independently and safely? The answer may seem obvious, but 
thousands of America's blind kids are being forced to settle for a 
substandard education, leading to lives of dependence with little chance 
for employment and unnecessary danger. Jody Ianuzzi is a Major in the 
Civil Air Patrol and a martial arts instructor. Along with her friend 
Debbby Bracket, who holds a master's in early childhood education, she 
is changing what it means to be blind.


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