[Perform-talk] Hope's Hidden Gems Premieres With An Artist Interview On ShockWaveRadio Tonight

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 16:02:53 UTC 2010

Hi All!
Are you tired of turning on the radio and hearing the same mainstream tunes?
Are you looking for a show that plays songs that tell a story? Songs with meaningful lyrics? Songs that you're not likely to hear anywhere else?
Then join us starting tonight and every Wednesday night at 6 PM eastern up til 10PM eastern on ShockWaveRadio for Hope's Hidden Gems.
Join us for a show featuring celtic tunes, folk songs, and tunes that tell a story. Tunes that will have more substance than anything you're likely to find on the radio today, or on internet radio on a Wednesday night for that matter.
And on tonight's show debut, we'll be meeting a Canadian artist who is greatly inspired by celtic tunes, and who is doing her first ever interview on radio!
Her name is Sara Hillis, and you can read more about her by going to
Between the interview, your phone calls, and the great tunes you will hear this evening, you will find yourself captivated by the musical gems that Hope will provide, and opf course Hope will, regardless of who you are, take your requests!
Contact details will be provided by Hope during the show.
So to listen, save this email, and at 6 PM eastern, or at any time between 6 and 10 eastern tonight, head on over to
to listen!
Spread the word, and be there tonight for Hope's Hidden Gems, the only show of its kind to check out on a Wednesday night!
>From David Dunphy, ShockWaveRadio Station Owner

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