[Perform-talk] support Haiti but not the blind?

Kenlawrence124 at aol.com Kenlawrence124 at aol.com
Tue Feb 2 15:17:28 UTC 2010

Hi list members, I'm ticked off again about CD baby's lack of progress in  
updating the site.  Here's another thing we blind can't do.  CD baby  is 
giving a dollar of each CD they sell to help Haiti.  this is for this  week, 
and you know I wish I could tell the all my blind friends about it.   Too bad 
we can't do our part Huh?  perhaps they'd like to explain this to  us Huh?  
Will be sending a message shortly asking why Haiti is easier to  help then 
giving blind the chance to do our part as active engaged citzins of  the 
world.  Why is supporting Haiti easier then making sure blind right  here in 
america can be thought of as equals who would be more then willing to  buy a CD 
or two too help in a very worthy cause! They do need our support just  as 
much as they do our sighted friends.  
I pledge to  participate actively in the efforts of the national federation 
of the blind to  achieve equality, opportunity, and security for the blind; 
to support the  policies and programs of the federation; and abide by it's  

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