[Perform-talk] Performing Opportunity in June on NYC's Governor's Island

Donna Hill penatwork at epix.net
Tue Feb 23 22:36:31 UTC 2010

Hi Friends,
Just saw this on another list, and I thought some of you New Yorkers 
might want to apply.
Donna Hill


There's a three-day art/music/awesomeness event on Governor's Island in New
York City each summer called Figment, and this year I am one of the music

I'd love for you to come perform at/participate in Figment, and I'd also
love your help in spreading the word to all of your musical/creative
friends. This event has been growing a LOT over the four years it's been in
existence, and last year over 13,000 people attended.

We are open to ALL styles/forms of music/performance/art, and the event has
an emphasis on interactivity, so you're welcome to do either your regular
show or make up some really cool way to make your show more interactive and
fun. We can accommodate both amplified/electricity-needing acts as well as
acoustic stuff, and you can perform as much or as little as you want during
any or all of the three days. The event takes place from June 11-13.

Please apply to perform through the following link:


This is a great opportunity to have a really fun, outdoor, summertime gig,
where you won't need to worry about bringing a crowd, because tons of new
people will already be there waiting to see you! I also hope to have many
open jams, a roving musical parade/party, and generally blanket the whole
island in beautiful music, so it will be a great opportunity to meet and
play with other artists.

The submission deadline is May 1, but the earlier you can complete the
online submission form, the better, especially if you can only do an
electricity-needing performance, since there's a finite amount of
electricity but an infinite number of spaces to do acoustic stuff. Let me
know if you have any questions, and I really hope you'll come perform at
Figment, because I know you'd make a wonderful contribution to the event!

JC Cassis

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