[Perform-talk] Radio360 Asks If The Price Is Right Today On The WDJm3 show

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 14:07:10 UTC 2010

Hi All!
Well, you'll have to get the answer to the question mentioned in the subject of this email today starting at noon, when Will presents The WDJm3 show, and features his newest game, The Price Is Right.
Come join in. Everybody's been asking me how the game will work. There is only one way to find out!
To listen, save this email, and at 12 noon eastern up through 4 PM eastern, log in to
and learn more than you've ever wanted to about how much things cost. Guess right though, and you could walk out a winner!
This plus all your requests and more make Will's show worth checking out, so we hope to see you all there!
Best regards,
David Dunphy of Radio360

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