[Perform-talk] wanted: Someone who uses Braille for Music

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Please put this on the nfb announce list.

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  I am teaching the advanced Braille course at GMU, which includes 
specialized codes of Nemeth, chemical, computer and music.  My 
students will be learning the basics of music transcription, but to 
make it more relevant to them, I would like to invite a guest speaker 
who reads braille music to come speak to the class.  The discussion 
will include techniques for becoming proficient in reading braille 
music and the importance of being able to read braille music, etc.  I 
am sure the class would love a demonstration of the talents the guest 
speaker has for performing music that was learned through 
braille.  If someone has experience with GOODFEEL music transcription 
software or other technologies that are accessible for musicians who 
are blind/visually impaired that would be a plus.  All of my students 
are either currently working with students who have visual 
impairments or will be soon.  Your contribution to the class will 
have a positive impact on generations of future braille readers.

  The tentative date for the braille music demonstration is Thursday, 
April 8 anytime between 7-9 pm.  However, I have some flexibility to 
change the date to another Thursday this semester if necessary.  The 
class location is about 1.5 miles from GMU's main campus in Fairfax City.

  Please let me know if you are interested. krwa at verizon.net


  Kim Avila

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