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Brad Dunse brad at braddunsemusic.com
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Good research Donna. It is always best to ask permissions. And the 
thing is there are very likely times when use of another's work could 
be used and slipped through the cracks, but I always tend to look at 
it if it were my work being used, how I'd like to be compensated or 
at least been asked and have record of its usage. There is a huge 
misnomer of artists "making lots of money and they don't need 
anymore" which I'm not saying is the case here, I'm just making a 
general statement with respect to copyrights,  and although that 
might be true in many cases it doesn't justify unpermitted use of 
their work. As well there are many artists/writers that although have 
had success, are not living  high on the hog. I know a former #1 hit 
writer that gets about $500 a year from  one of his hits  these days. 
Its always a good idea to put oneself in the shoes of an artist 
without assumption and that helps the perspective :).


On 11/2/2010  01:06 PM Donna Hill said...
>Hi Friends,
>After Marion's post a few days ago about the use of copyrighted 
>material, I looked into the matter. With regard to using copyrighted 
>music, there are apparently no hard and fast rules. The following 
>are some useful web sites which explain the issues. The 30-second 
>rule is not considered a reliable measure; when in doubt ask permission.
>Here is a good overview of the issues involved in using copyrighted 
>material. There is a link for requesting permissions and sample 
>letters, if you cannot determine that your intended application is 
>protected under the "fair use" clause.
>Another explanation of fair use is given at:
>The Copyright Office speaks about this at the following link, and 
>no, they can't get the permission for you:
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