[Perform-talk] Talent Show?

Kevin Reeves lists at kevinreeves.net
Wed Apr 27 03:45:39 UTC 2011

As someone who works in this field professionally, the sound wasn't that great at all. They didn't even have the piano miked up. I would be more than happy to put a team together to run sound, capture the talent show in multi-track format, and stream. All is possible from 1 board and 2 machines. Also, it's way cheaper to rent gear then contract a sound company. Unless you know who you're getting, you never really know what you're getting. Also, you have fullsale recording school right in our back yard this summer. Students are always looking for projects to work on. Who's to say we couldn't get them to come out and run Front of House, plus multi-track capture. Anything is possible. I'll do some checking around if you want. Who knows, maybe the place where the talent show is being held this summer will be completely wired. We have no idea. Just some thoughts.


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