[Perform-talk] Talent Show: A Suggestion

Joshua Lester jlester8462 at students.pccua.edu
Sat Apr 30 23:29:45 UTC 2011

Kevin, I have no way to record myself.
Sarah has last year's talent show online, for all to hear.
I'm planning on performing, this year.
If someone has already performed, before, and the performance is on
tape, then that tape should be used for auditions.
New people, (first timers,) (on the other hand,) might need to have
recordings, for the auditions.
Please read my thread, where I've listed a recap of last year's show,
and some suggestions, for the future.
Blessings, Joshua

On 4/30/11, Kevin Reeves <lists at kevinreeves.net> wrote:
> Hey Sarah and all.
> TO add to that idea of auditions, this would allow you to actually plan and
> order the night for both effect and efficient use of the stage. Acts can get
> quickly on and off because they know when they're going on, and the
> sound/stage managers know what is required for the act: ie number of
> inputs/mics, props, etc. Understand that all of this is a tradeoff. If
> everyone wants these talent shows to be laid back and "just for fun." The
> downside to that is that you don't have organization and order, thus running
> a very loose, and seemingly unorganized show. If you want to run a show
> tight, then you employ things like auditions, stage plots, an actual show
> order, etc. It all depends on the goal of the division. If you want a tight
> show, then I suggest starting the audition process now. Allow people to
> submit a recording of them singing, acting, etc. The recording does not have
> to be professional in any way, as long as it adequately demonstrates the
> quality of the act in question. Then, the board votes on the top 30. Those
> 30 are contacted and asked to submit a description of their staging needs:
> ie, how many mics, instruments, etc. Once all of that has been worked out, a
> show is put together. You can set the order with a combination of parameters
> including level of excellence, complexity, etc. Once a show is in order, you
> are well on your way to having something really tight to work with. This is
> just some suggestions. Interested in any thoughts you might have.
> Kevin
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