[Perform-talk] If I presided over the talent show

Joshua Lester jlester8462 at students.pccua.edu
Fri Jul 15 04:50:29 UTC 2011

Hi, it's Joshua Lester.
If I presided over the talent show, I'd do the following.
#1. Not tell jokes, (which is obvious.)
#2. I'd have the ladies performing first, and the men performing last,
(nothing like being southern gentlemen.)
#3. I wouldn't give away so many door prizes.
This is a talent show, not a door prize fest.
#4. I'd make a rule, that if a person isn't going to show up, they
shouldn't sign up, to sing.
Lastly, #5. the performers should give their tracks to the soundman,
before the show, so that all of the tracks can be put on one CD, that
way the performers can get on, and off the stage, and sing, within a
reasonable amount of time.
Blessings, Joshua

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