[Perform-talk] You're Invited To Attend The Djd Invasion Annual Christmas Party Tonight!

David Dunphy djdrocks22180 at audioaccessfm.com
Mon Dec 17 14:13:15 UTC 2012

Hello Everyone!
The Christmas season is here at last, and we're ready to rock around the virtual Christmas tree and have a blast! I along with my friends at Audio Access FM invite you to attend our four hour virtual Christmas party, taking place tonight, Monday, December 17, 2012 starting at 7 PM eastern and going until 11 PM eastern.
Whether you're rapping presents, decorating your tree, or just looking for some holiday fun, join us as we....

Talk about Santa's different modes of transporting gifts to homes all over the country and world.
Explore how different places celebrate Christmas

Hear some of your traditional and maybe not so traditional Christmas classics, along with the songs you can't go a single holiday season without hearing at least once
Find out just how well a computer can sing a Christmas song
Record a holiday greeting for the general listening audience or for that special someone or group of people in your life and have it heard throughout the show. Simply call
to record your greeting or you can attach it to an email sent to
david at audioaccessfm.com

Hear who, by donating to our Make A Wish Fund Raiser, will be taking home some prizes and what prizes are given out. The fund raiser closes at 8 PM eastern on the 17th, the second hour of our party, so if you'd like your chance at a prize, one of which is a 90 dollar amazon gift card, and that total might go up, go to
to learn moore and to help us make a child's christmas a little better by donating to Make A Wish.

And of course, we'll play any holiday requests if you have them.

These Djd Invasion holiday parties are some of my favorite events to host each year and to share with you the listener and with friends, and part of that is your ability to interact with us during the show.
To say hello during the party, you can either
Email Djd at
daviddunphy at audioaccessfm.com
follow David's personal twitter at
or the station twitter at
Skype in at
or call in at
516 324 2314

These Christmas parties are a blast, and we really want to make your spirits a little brighter by sharing our love of this time of year with you, so to be there, at any time between 7 PM and 11 PM eastern, go to
to tune in.
Hope to see you there, and wishing all of you reading this a very safe and happy holiday season!

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