[Perform-talk] a classical journey through my head tomorrow on WICS Radio America where if you say it, we'll play it.

Sarah Alawami marrie12 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 01:04:19 UTC 2012

You get to dive in to my head during the show. I feature a song called "Beauty in the miss of pain" It's not classical, but what ever it is it's peaceful and pretty. We also hear some Haydn, mozart, Bach and the rest of the normal classical composers. Join me in a journey through my head tomorrow on TCJWB.

Info is below. 

Place: Http://Cc.Airshock.Net:8022/Stream.M3u  we also have a flash player for you to enjoy if you don't have a compatible player. Go to http://Wics.Cc and click the how to listen link for more info
time: Monday from 9-11 pm eastern, 8-10 pm central, 7-9 mountain, and 6-8 pm pacific

contact info
show twitter: Http://Twitter.Com/tcjwb
station twitter: Http://Twitter.Com/wicsradio. 
We also have a facebook page you can like for news and announcements.  See http://facebook.com/wicsradio for more info.

If you need to contact me off air  contact me here.
or here.
see you there.

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