[Perform-talk] Get Your A Cappella Groove And Let The Power Of The Human Voice Fill You With Joy

David Dunphy djd76257 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 22:31:26 UTC 2013

Come One Come All!
To what you might ask?
To our weekly AA meeting. This AA meeting won't tell you not to drink. In fact, have a beverage. Have what you want. Just make sure you turn up your speakers, for this AA meeting is your weekly A Cappellas Anonymous meeting.
We gather together again tonight at 8 PM eastern for 120 minutes of human vocal power!
>From the college a cappella scene, to professional a cappella music..
We'll cover it all, and so much more unique songs, as we spin some of the coolest a cappella songs around.
So if you've never heard this show before, give it a chance, and tune in at 8 PM eastern tonight!
And you can make requests! Tonight, I won't bring you on the air, but you can chat with me/hang out with me during the show either via skype by adding
Via facebook chat if you're on my facebook 
Or via telephone by calling at
516 324 2552
And tuning in just got even easier too! Simply go to
and use our web player's keyboard/mouse controls to adjust the sound, or select from a media player on your computer.
So give this show a chance, and come in, so that you can truly hear the power of the human voice and see just what it can do!
>From David Dunphy

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