[Perform-talk] David Dunphy As A Little Kid And More Today On Audio Access FM

David Dunphy djd76257 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 18 16:58:46 UTC 2013

Hi All!
Well the subject says it all, you're in for a treat tonight on Audio Access FM as well as throughout the day!
The fun begins at 2 PM eastern with Crazy Chris and his Wild Ride. Hear some great music, an a cappella song never played before, and a glimpse into the life of Blake Shelton.

Then at 4 PM eastern, it's two hours of Pop Tops, giving you a look at pop history through the eyes of a New York City Man and his exciting pop top topics.

Then at 6 PM eastern, a described lifetime movie called Just Ask My Children. The synopsis is below:
A couple's worst nightmare becomes a reality as they find themselves behind bars with their children are taken away from them in this made-for-TV drama, inspired by a true story. Brenda and Scott Kniffen (Viginia Madsen and Jeffrey Nordling) are asked by friends to testify as character witnesses at a child custody hearing. After The Kniffens take the stand, a relation of their friends, who was upset by the testimony, tells authorities that Brenda and Scott are guilty of beating their young sons, molesting them sexually, and taking pornographic photographs of them. While there is no truth to the accusations, a prosecutor determined to prove he's tough on child abuse takes on the case, and his staff badgers Brandon Kniffen (Cory Dorkin) and his brother Brian (Ryan Wilson) into giving damaging statements and testifying against their parents in court. Brenda and Scott spend the next twelve years behind bars, fighting their case as best they can as they try to prove their innocence and become reunited with their children.

Then at 7:30PM eastern it's an extended but what should be an entertaining edition of On This Day In Chart History.
We'll be looking at on this day on the billboard charts in 1986. Listen to the top ten on this day in 1986, and hear some great countdown extras, many of which bring back stories of that year for me. And, you just might get to hear a clip of Beth and I as little kids.
Then Desyree's Sunday Night Block Party comes at 9 PM eastern.
It's all today, all on Audio Access FM.
You can listen by going to

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