[Perform-talk] A Special Experiment To Be Conducted Today And More On A Special Djd Invasion Version Of The WDJm3 Show

djdrocks22180 at audioaccessfm.com djdrocks22180 at audioaccessfm.com
Sun Jan 13 14:32:26 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone!
I'm afraid I have some bad news to impart to you all.
The bad news: Will of The WDJm3 show has been hit with a terrible
respiratory infection, forcing him to cancel his show for the week.
There is good news however. For one thing, I saved 15 percent on my car
OK I'm joking there. But seriously, I do have some good news. I have been
asked to fill those big WDJm3 shoes from noon to 4 PM eastern today, and
fill them I shal.
Join me for a mix of all different kinds of songs from the past and
present, including a very special and important experiment that I'll be
conducting during the show today that will be part of an even bigger
change coming to Audio Access FM in a matter of days.
Details about all that will be coming up during the show, but you won't
want to miss this cool experiment dealing today with time travel.
All of this, plus your requests by email at
daviddunphy at audioaccess.fm
Via twitter at
Via skype at
or via telephone by calling
516 324 2314

I can't give you the wackiness and insanity of a WDJm3 show, but I will do
my best to fill his pretty big shoes in as soleful a way as possible. LOL.
So to be there between noon and 4 PM eastern before The Oldies Fun House,
tune in at
where you can select your favorite media player for listening, use our web
player and more!
Hope to have you join us for today's entertaining and informative
broadcast, and can't wait to hear what you think of today's experimental
portion of the show!

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