[Perform-talk] Convention Time for You

Michelle Clark mcikeyc at aol.com
Sun Jul 12 17:34:23 UTC 2015

Just a  word of thanks for anyone who planned and performed in the
Convention Choir. I  was glad to be in the number. I  kept telling my friend
next to me "This is a  Rock Concert"! I  loved it and know we should keep it
going on in some   manner.


Without naming names, many thanks to the leaders, the followers, the
spectacular band, the sound man, and the audience who screamed and clapped
like crazy. An additional word of thanks to the PAD leadership who sought
NFB Leadership to do this and most of all to our President Riccobono who
agreed and stood up to the mic and jumped right in singing a  tune. He also
gave us an additional piece to end "Live the Life You Want".


Man alive, I  am exhausted but keep looking at emails, sending emails, and
will not get off of FB!


Keep living the life you want,



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