[Perform-talk] Purpose

Darian Smith dsmithnfb at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 17:20:57 UTC 2015

Hi all,
  I’ve always been a casual observer of the  performing Arts Division, having had friends and acquaintances  who have been members of the division.
 for a while I was unsure of     whether or not the division was a division that I could become involved with as the only sort of musical talent I believe I have is my DJ skills. 
 Granted my mixing is a  hobby   and is a talent  I am proud of, but I am not quite so sure  amongst the actors, and singers and  instrument players   that I fit here.
 Also, Every division has a purpose within the organized blindness movement of the NFB, so I  wonder how  you all might articulate the purpose of the division in the NFB? how this division raises expectations of blind people? of society?
  Thanks so much!

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