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Tue Aug 30 00:46:45 UTC 2016

Hi, all,

A wonderful opportunity may be crossing my path, and I wanted to check in with you for some “blind-friendly” ideas as I consider this. I’m seriously thinking about taking on the position of soprano section leader for a local community chorus of 40-50 members. I’ll be meeting with the current leader and our chorus manager when we re-convene in a couple weeks, to discuss the idea, and, having never had a post like this, I’m open to suggestions. Here are the duties, as cited in an email from our current soprano section leader. Handling ticket and sponsor money may no longer be necessary, I’m told by our president, since those tasks may be re-delegated elsewhere, but in case I ever need to address that, feel free to speak about that, too. Thanks!

  1.. Attend registration and account for dues paid, by taking payment and completing the info form so they can pick up music. 
  2.. Take and mark weekly attendance. 
  3.. Accept and total money and checks for donations/tickets and fill out a Donations Received form and give it to the treasurer. 
  4.. Compare donation/sponsorship monies to items on the donation sheets and turn them in to sponsorship chair. 
  5.. Information taker and disseminator.   I often have to keep track of music markings/notes and pass them along to sopranos that have missed rehearsal.  I also have to pass along any information that has been shared with me via phone/email. 
  6.. Other miscellaneous items asked to do.

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