[Perform-Talk] Keeping up drum set skills

Kaiti Shelton crazy4clarinet104 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 22:30:19 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I've been taking percussion lessons at my university this semester, as
percussion skills are one of the things I'll need to be strong in for
music therapy.  For about 3 quarters of the semester we worked on hand
drums (congas, patterns from central and South America that were new
to me, etc), but since early November we've been working on set with a
focus on the rock and shuffle beats.  I've had fun drumming to a wide
range of songs, most notably Back in Black and Thunderstruck by ACDC,
Chain Lightning, and now Uptown Funk and Pride and Joy which I've been
assigned to prepare for my final exam.  I don't have a drum set at
home to keep practicing on, so I'm wondering if there are things I can
still do to keep these skills from fading.  I do know I'm getting some
sticks and a practice pad for Christmas so I can work on sticking, but
since learning to match my foot movements for the bass drum and
highhat with what my hands were doing on the cymbles, snare, and toms
was the issue in the beginning, I don't want to get myself into a
position where I'm out of practice.  Any suggestions on how I can keep
working would be appreciated.

Kaiti Shelton

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