[Perform-Talk] Announcing the 12 Days Of Giving Make A Wish radiothon To Air On December 18 2016

David Dunphy discoduck221 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 21:00:43 UTC 2016

Announcing The 12 Days Of Giving Radiothon On December 18 2016!!!

Hello All!

This message is divided up by headings so you can go to the sections
that interest you!

Some of you may have heard that KJSC Radio has been doing a campaign
to raise money for

The Make A Wish Foundation. You can learn more about the fund raiser,
donate and win

prizes, too, by visiting


On the last day, KJSC Radio, along with The Inner Visions Radio
Network will be presenting

The 12 Days Of Giving Radiothon on the last day of our campaign,
Sunday, December 18,

2016, starting at 1 AM eastern, and going for a full 24 hours! That's
24 hours of

entertainment, ending with our grand prize drawing and The Djd
Invasion Annual Christmas

Party as part of the fun. You'll be able to learn more about Make A Wish


through the sound clips you'll hear throughout the radiothon.
Meet Some Cool People And Guests
During the show, you'll be hearing some awesome interviews including

·         A talk with NLS narrator Martha Harmon Pardee (to air at 4
PM eastern on Sunday)

·         Singer Jessica Victoria A K A Jessica Bachicha (at 2 PM eastern)

·         Jessica And Mike From IAccessibility

·         Marty From Blind Fold Games

·         And more...
Donate And Win Prizes!
Yes, I did say there will be prizes, and a grand prize drawing too! In
fact, we have quite

a few prizes to give out to those who donate including...

·         Lyft cards

·         Uber cards

·         A great clips prize pack

·         Computer Software

·         ITunes gift cards

·         Concert tickets

·         And, our grand prize drawing, drum roll please....

·         A spring/summer round trip ticket to anywhere in the United States!!!

Let's Get Packin, right?

This grand prize will be drawn near the end of the radiothon.
Instructions on entering for

 donating, as stated earlier, can be found at


where you'll also find links to make requests, add us to twitter, and
listen on IVR or

KJSC once the radiothon goes live! Additionally, you'll have links to
join us on Teamtalk

during the show on either server.
Speaking Of Listening, Here's How To Tune In!
If you want a more direct way to listen to the radiothon from this
message, you can visit


to access our Tunein Radio Page with your browser.

You can also

Search for KJSC Radio on Tunein with your mobile device

Or for additional listening links and options, visit


All of these links will be on the donation information page, too, so
during the show, you

can locate them right from the donation page or this message.
Getting In Touch During The Show..

There are several ways you'll be able to be part of the fun during the
radiothon. You can

skype in with us at any time by adding


to your skype

You can also call us by phone at

602 399 7279 (standard long distance rates may apply, we won't pay your bills)

Interact with us on twitter at either




Please please please, when interacting on twitter, use the hash tag


so that you can keep up with the tweeting and conversation and so
those who want to can

filter out our chatter.

You can use the above methods to say hi, make requests and such, but
for a truly

interactive experience when it comes to song requests, during the
radiothon, you'll be

able to go to


and search my music library for a holiday tune or a regular song that you like.
Additional Notes
The show, while it will play a lot of holiday tunes, will allow for
regular songs to be

played, except from between 7 PM and 1 AM eastern, as that's when The
Djd Invasion

Christmas Party will occur. Like always, this will feature Santa's modes of

transportation, and holiday classics both new and old for rapping
those last minute gifts

or dancing around the Christmas tree! Oh, and I almost forgot…

I’ve been known from time to time to throw in some unexpected
surprises during these radiothons, so you never know when something
cool might happen…..

I'm very much looking forward to spending all or some of the 24 hour
radiothon with you. I hope it you’re your weekend well, and provides
holiday cheer to you, loved ones, and the

children we're raising money for. I hope to have you there!

All the best and happy holidays,

>From David Dunphy

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