[Perform-Talk] A New And Exciting Online Radio Station Goes Live Today!

David Dunphy discoduck221 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 11:36:27 UTC 2017

Hello There!
Please consider passing this on to anyone you think would find this
interesting and useful. Especially if you're a musician and are
looking to get your work out there, we could probably help you with
that. Please email
ddunphy at 195theglobe.com
Have a great and safe happy holiday season!
After four years of patience, research and hahrd work, my online radio
station, 195 The Globe goes live today, and you are invited to be part
of oour musically exciting launch!
It all starts today at 2 PM eastern (1 PM central, 12 Noon mountain,
11 Pacific) with our grand launch party!
There, you'll get to hear music that will make you feel good; music
that will make you want to dance; music that will take your mind off
your troubles. And yes, even some Christmas music will be thrown in
But with so much going on in the world these days, and since the
holidays are often a time people usually associate with being happy, I
want today's show to try to recapture that energy, since that's what
preparing this station has done for me. I want to share that!

And if you're not hearing music that you like, although I think some
of what you hear will make you smile, you can begin searching my music
library and requesting your favorite songs two hours prior to the show
start, which will be at (12 Noon eastern, 11 AM central, 10AM
mountain, 9 AM pacific)
by visiting
Feel free to add
live at 195theglobe.com
to your skype
Interact with us on twitter at
although we ask you use the globe hash tag
if you talk with us on twitter so those who aren't interested in
what's going on can filter out the conversation
Join us on Teamtalk (see link below)
Or give us a call at
To listen to our station, head on over to
where you'll find links to listening with your default media player, a
web player, teamtalk info and more.
To listen with us in TuneIn Radio, there are three ways available to you:
1. Launch our station on Tunein Radio at
2. Using your favorite mobile phone, use the TuneIn radio app to search for
195 The Globe
3. If you want to listen with Alexa, it's a little harder since she's
having trouble finding the station. But what you can do is to launch
the alexa app, under the music section, select your echo device, click
the TuneIn link from music, and find
195 The Globe
that way, and she'll play it for you.
As stated above, I've been wanting to bring 195 The Globe on air for
over four years now, and today is my chance to do it!
So, come spend some time with us today, beginning at 2 PM eastern,
learn who we are, and check out the radio revolution!
>From David Dunphy

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