[Perform-Talk] Come To The 195 The Globe New Years Bash Tonight

David Dunphy discoduck221 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 20:51:18 UTC 2017

Hello, and a very happy new year to all!
For much of the North East, it's bitterly cold outside.
Other parts of the country are experiencing lower than normal  temperatures.
If you don't feel like going out, spending lots of money at the bar,
yet you still want to spend time with people from all over the country
and perhaps the world, I have the perfect solution for you.
Join me, David Dunphy, and our 195 The Globe family as we ring in the
New Year across the various coasts of the country, from east coast to
west coast, and maybe to Hawaii or Alaska, we'll see how things are
going as we go deep into the night.
One thing we know for certain. The show will be fun, and provide a
great mix of party songs, fun songs, and everything in between to make
our exit from 2017 and our launch into 2018 something fun for
So put your hard feelings aside, let yourself relax, and join our New
Years Bash starting at 11 PM eastern only on 195 The Globe!
To tune in, you can
1. Listen at
2. Search for 195 The Globe on TuneIn Radio
3. If you have an amazon alexa device, ask her to play 195 The Globe on Tunein
To interact, you can either
1. Join us on our tlobe TeamTalk server. The server address is
and the ports are 10064
2. Skype me at
live at 195theglobe.com
3. Call me at
And, whether you decide to interact with the party or not, our request
page is already up, so you can begin getting your upbeat favorites
into our request pool for the show, basically 7 hours before we go
live with it. The page to search my song library is at
So make your requests, interact if you wish, and tune in at
and let's get out of this difficult year and start a new chapter, a
new time to start over and regroup, a new year to have fun!
Whether you tune in or not, I hope you all have a safe and happy new
year. But you're invited, so come join the fun!
>From David Dunphy

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