[Perform-Talk] microphone recommendations?

Cameron Strife cameron at cameronstrife.com
Tue Apr 2 15:47:51 UTC 2019

Hello everybody. I'm going to be upgrading my main microphone in the
near future and have narrowed my potential microphone list down to

If any of you have experience with any of the microphones below, could
you please give me your thoughts both positive and negative? It'd be
greatly appreciated!

The five I am considering are as follows:

AKG C214
Blue baby bottle SL
Avantone pro CV12
sE Electronics T2 with Titanium Capsule
Aston microphones Spirit

All of these seem to have really good reviews and are in my budget.
It'd be great to borrow all of them from someplace/someone and try
them out but that's not realistic. Yes the Avantone is a tube
microphone. I don't have a tube preamp right now so I'd be running the
microphone into my focusrite saffire pro 40 interface. I'm thinking
the warmth might be good...

I'll be using this for male vocals, female vocals, and acoustic
instruments mostly. Currently I own the Lauten Audio LA220 and while
it's not bad by any means, I'd think any of the microphones above
would be an upgrade to a certain extent. In the past, I've used a
studio projects c3, SE electronics 2200a, Audio tecnica AT4040, and an
AKG C3000 etc.



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