[Perform-Talk] Advice on Writer Seeking Assistance

Michelle Clark mcikeyc at aol.com
Wed Jan 2 20:03:42 UTC 2019



I have a chapter member, who, prior to his vision loss, was involved in
acting, directing, and writing drama. He is currently the Director of the
Drama Ministry for his church.


As his vision diminishes , he has done little to obtain alternative skills
such as learning to type non-visually. In fact, he tells me he did not type
well when he could see better. Over the course of time, he hired typist to
do his work for him. After a recent brush with what I would say "a bad
actor", I am trying to encourage him to  learn some skills but, in the
interim, his work in   drama needs to continue. 


Within the last few weeks, his church and all involved, agreed to perform a
play I have written for Black History Month. I did the typing on that one.
However, I am interested in your thoughts on where he could reach out for
typist (he will pay) and other thoughts on how it has worked for you in such
a situation. I appreciate your comments.





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