[Perform-Talk] Disney Plus Update

Peter Donahue pdonahue2 at satx.rr.com
Wed Nov 13 16:37:06 UTC 2019

Good morning again everyone,


                I just tried Disney Plus in all three browsers on our
desktop and got pretty much the same results as I did last night. The winner
is sstill Mozilla Firefox with Internet Explorer a close second. Both IE and
Firefox allow you to subscribe independently and sign in to your account
without the need for sighted assistance. One thing that surprised me is that
once I subscribed and signed in to my account I remained signed in. Usually
you're prompted to check a checkbox if you want to remain signed into your
account, but this is not the case with Disney Plus.


                All works as it should when using Firefox. A problem is
encountered when you attempt to watch a movie using Internet Explorer. When
the "Play" button is pressed you're taken to the screen where you view the
selection in question. I just tried playing Lady And The Tramp first using
IE and then with Firefox. When "Play" was pressed in IE instead of the movie
starting a box appeared with the words "Post play" that Jaws was able to
read. Since this is not necessarily an accessibility issue I would think
that other Disney enthusiasts attempting to view selections in Internet
Explorer would have encountered this incompatibility and Disney Streaming
should be getting earfulls by now.


                Firefox on the other hand is a champ where Disney Plus is
concerned. When I started Lady And The Tramp it began playing at once.
Here's hoping this additional information will better assist us when we
notify Disney Streaming of the accessibility issues blind people are
encountering when attempting to use Disney Plus in various Web Browsers and
apps. All the best.


Peter Donahue




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