[Perform-Talk] Apple TV Plus audition call for blind/low vision musicians!!!!

Cristina Jones caldomo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 23:23:43 UTC 2020

AppleTV+ Show SEE: Recruiting and Auditioning Instrumentalists and Vocalists
The AppleTV+ show, SEE, is looking for talented instrumentalists and vocalists who are blind or low vision to be included in the musical score of Season 2 of SEE. The performers should be good collaborators with self-recording skills, be able to pick up on melodies and/or improvise. The performers should be creative when given a suggested structure, and allow their own voice or sound to be apparent. If selected, the individuals will be asked to create their own professional recordings during the process. The performers will be aware of the tonal vision of the score used for season 1 for a better understanding of the work and sound prior. 
If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please submit a YouTube video with a sample of one track that demonstrates your skill and personal sound. In the video, please provide the name of the piece, demonstration of you performing it and followed by a brief bit about yourself, location, musical performance experience and training, and your blindness. Submit the video link in an email with your contact information, name of the song and the link to your unlisted YouTube video. The submissions will be reviewed, and the team will reach out to you in the future, if we want more information or you are chosen to be a performer. Please send the email to submissions at sparksandshadows.comwith all specified information for consideration.  

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