[Perform-Talk] When it’s appropriate to let dance instructors know of your disability

Cierra Theriot cierratheriot at icloud.com
Thu Feb 13 00:13:23 UTC 2020

Hi everyone.
hope you are all doing well. So tomorrow I’m wanting to do a tap dance class that they’re having here that’s opened. so last night I emailed and messaged the page on Facebook letting them know of my disability and that I may need a little help because I may need to touch and or be positioned physically to understand some of the movements. I haven’t received an email or a text back from them and I’m thinking about calling them. That makes me a little nervous but if I have to I guess I have to. I also just checked and it seems that they have seen my message but they have not replied. I just don’t want them to be freaking out because someone who’s blind it’s just dropping in without warning them. But I did tell them I have previous dance experience and I can do this. so what do you all think. Should I call them and explain things, or just show up tomorrow like anyone else that has no disability would. 

Cierra Theriot

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