[Perform-Talk] Free album for helping with my studio upgrade, any promo tips?

Cameron Strife cameron at cameronstrife.com
Sat Feb 15 00:36:58 UTC 2020

Hey everybody. I want to upgrade my small home studio with some newer
stuff that's more accessible.

I don't qualify for a loan, can't find a grant, and my state counselor
says that they won't help me with this due to the fact that I'd be
working as an independent contractor and they don't support people
going that route.

So, this is the option I've come up with for the time being. Everybody
that helps out with $5 will get a complimentary digital copy of my
second album.


Can any of you suggest places I can post this where I'll get more
exposure? I'm having trouble figuring that out so any thoughts would
be greatly appreciated!



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