[Perform-Talk] virtual meeting for 2020 national convention

Amy Sabo amieelsabo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 03:02:21 UTC 2020

hello all,
well, I have been seeing here on the nfbnet lists that we are all
getting ready for the 2020 virtual convention of the nfb. and, I know
that many divisions here in the nfb are going to do something virtual.
so, I was wondering if this division is going to do anything virtual
for national convention and, also what events as well too? i'am also
including this with the board and, also others here on this list for
their ideas well too! so, what events, mettings for this division are
we going to have virtually and, what should do virtually for this
division for convention this year?

I have a few ideas here and, i'am sure that others can also chime in
too. why not for the talent show we do a virtual one like they did for
American idol this year. that people would sign up for it online, then
they would do their acts with the time and structure that we have in
person for the show. and, then someone could also be the mc and, then
of course we could have 3 judges like we have done before. and, of
course why not we do some again some of the virtual conference calls
that we have done so far this year again through zoom or others as
well too?

well, those are my ideas and sugestions but, other ideas from you all
are welcome too!

thanks again and, I look forward to hearing from you all son!

hugs always,
amy sabo

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