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I can't find the link, but here's the article I wrote; hope it helps.

What to Binge Tonight: How to Consume Visual Content Nonvisually

We are all spending a lot of time at home these days. For many, this means
binging our favorite shows. With streaming services and network channels now
offering mobile watching, it's easier than ever to watch what we want, when
we want, and as much as we want.

Blind and visually impaired people are just as eager to catch the latest
episode of This is Us or binge straight through Stranger Things or gossip
about Tiger King as sighted people. How do you comprehend what is happening
in a show though when you can't see it? For many blind people, visual
content is consumed using audio description.

Audio description (AD)is a service provided to blind and visually impaired
people for no extra charge, allowing access to visual content. A narrator
describes content that cannot be discerned without description such as
color, action, background, expression, etc. In the case of films and TV
shows, the recorded description is slipped in between scenes where there is
no dialogue. The description happens in real time with live performances,
but itlive in to  likewise interjects in between dialogue and/or music.

More and more production companies, TV programmers and artist are realizing
the importance of providing audio description for blind and visually
impaired viewers. Just as closed captioning evolved in the industry more
than 20 years ago, audio description is beginning to evolve as well.
Streaming services are leading the charge.

The five main streaming services are Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, Hulu
and Apple TV. Netflix and Disney Plus currently provide the most content
with AD than any other platform. Especially if it's content original to
Netflix or Disney Plus. Prime closely follows with a good amount of its
original content having AD. A year ago, Hulu only had four titles with AD;
now, it has a growing number of titles with AD available. Apple TV also has
a growing number of titles with AD. Each of these platforms also provide
titles from various TV networks. Not a lot of these have AD; it depends if
the original programmer built it in or not.

These services all have accessible interfaces for screenreader users. Blind
people using software like JAWS or NVDA or Apple Voiceover will be able to
access the app/site itself in addition to watching content with AD.

How do you access AD on these platforms? The following is a list of
directions for the specific services if using an Apple device. You will have
to turn the audio description feature on your device itself, but once you
do, it will remain on, and you will not have to constantly turn it back on. 

First, you will need to turn audio description on on your device. Go to the
Settings app, swipe until you find Accessibility, tap on this then swipe,
looking for audio description and make sure it is toggled on. Once you
toggle this, if a film or show has AD, it will automatically play. 

Once you toggle the audio description feature on your Apple device, there's
nothing more you have to do to begin watching content on Netflix with AD. If
AD is available with a title, it will automatically play from this point on

Disney Plus
Select a title and as it plays, tap on the screen and controls will display.
Look for Audio and Subtitles Menu. If available, there will be an English
Audio Description button you can tap on. After setting this up the first
time, you will not have to set it up again. Any title with AD will
automatically play with AD on.

Prime Video
Select a title, once the programming is playing, tap on Video Controls. Then
look for Audio and Subtitles Options, tap on this. If AD is available, it
will have an option for English Audio Description; tap on this. Once you do
this the first time, you will not have to do it again. Any title with AD
will automatically play with Ad.

Once you find a title you want to watch on Hulu, play it. Swipe on the
screen until you find Player, tap on it to turn player controls. Then swipe
until you find Settings, tap on it. Under the heading Audio, if AD is
available, there will be a button for English Audio Description; tap on it.
Once you do this the first time, you will not have to do this again. Any
title with AD available will automatically play with AD.

Apple TV
Like Netflix, once you toggle the audio description feature on your device,
titles with AD will automatically play. There's nothing more you have to do.

Live Performances
Providing live audio description for plays and concerts has been a growing
trend in the past decade. Omaha has a thriving performing arts community. In
addition to local productions, Performing Arts Omaha brings in a slate of
Broadway tours each year. We are fortunate in Omaha to have Outlook Nebraska
providing audio description to many productions in town. You can visit the
Outlook website or sign up for its newsletter to learn what live shows are
on board for AD. You can also request AD for a live performance.

There's a world of visual content out there, and blind people do not need to
be cut out of the audience. Blind/VI people have just as much right to enjoy
film and TV and theatre as their sighted peers. The more audio description
is advocated for, the more visual content blind people will have access too.

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hello all,
well, i might be using apple t.v. plus through my smart t.v. for a year for
free through my mom's account. well, she read on their web site they use
audio description for their videos and shows on this streaming platform. is
this true or not? if so how do i use this feature once i use it on my t.v.
or on my laptop since i don't have a apple device like a ipad or apple t.v.?

any help and sugestions will be greatly appreciated!

thanks a bunch,
amy sabo

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