[Perform-Talk] watching streaming services on my smart t.v.

Amy Sabo amieelsabo at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 03:03:26 UTC 2020

hello all,
well, i'am now finally getting into the streaming land of t.v. and, i
need some help and assistance and opions from you all who use them.
so, here i go!

i have a smart t.v. which i believe is a sony which was purchased 3
years ago from best buy. it's not a amazon fire or a apple t.v. and, i
use the digital cable service from comcast or ixfinity. well, i have
the streaming services on my t.v. already which were provide through
my cable provider which is netflicks, amazon prime, pandora, espn, and
you tube.

my mom got a new ipod last week after reparing for it for the 3rd time
due to my nephew breaking it to death! so, she got a email that she
gets a free year of apple t.v. so, we decided to use it on our t.v.
so, here's now is my question. we tried using the voice activation
feature which i use all of the time or most of the time. but, when it
goes to the on demand feature or finding things in these streaming
feature it's not accessible for me. so, how do i use this feature with
the remote in making this feature for using the on demand feature and,
the other streaming features accessible for me to use?

also, how do i set up apple t.v. and Disney plus on my smart t.v.
after i have set up a account for Disney plus on line? is there a
accessible way for adding these aps as my streaming services to my
t.v.? i also plan to also use them on my laptop too!

i know it's a lot but, that's we are all here for? please try to
answer these questions and, i will greatly appreciate this!

thanks a bunch,
amy sabo

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