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Sun Oct 17 05:06:40 UTC 2021

This isn't the best place. All our lists are at 

job-listings would be best, for this one, also nobe-l and pibe-division


At 07:35 PM 10/14/2021, you wrote:
>My name is Mario and I work for LightHouse for the Blind and 
>Visually Impaired in San Francisco. I'm writing to you because we 
>are starting a new early childhood program and have many positions 
>to fill. As I am new to the organization, I just wanted to follow up 
>to ask where I can get this info posted so we can reach qualified 
>blind and low vision specialists. Please share with your contacts 
>and listservs. Please also let me know if I have the wrong 
>information and there is another contact that could help us spread 
>the word. Additionally, I am eager to learn more about blindness and 
>accessibility and want to join in any spaces that will have me that 
>allow me to learn so I can make more informed decisions in spaces 
>where I exist. Any recommendations that can assist me with this goal 
>are greatly appreciated.
>Hope you have a great weekend,
>Mario Burton
>Vice President of People and Culture
>Email: mburton at lighthouse-sf.org<mailto:mburton at lighthouse-sf.org>
>Pronouns: He, Him, His
>Cell: 415-694-7353
>[LightHouse for the Blind - Logo]
>1155 Market Street, 10th Floor SF 94103
>Visit us online:
>Website<https://lighthouse-sf.org/> | 
>Holman<https://holman.lighthouse-sf.org/> | 
>Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/lighthousesf/> | 
>Twitter<https://twitter.com/lighthouse_sf> | 
>YouTube<https://www.youtube.com/user/LFTBSF> | 

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