[Pibe-division] body language awareness

Sheila Amato brltrans at verizon.net
Fri Apr 17 08:31:46 CDT 2009

Hi, all - a quick question ...

How can I help my totally blind student become more aware of the "body language" and unspoken messages that we all encounter every day?

(I just wrote it as an IEP goal... now, how am I going to teach and evaluate it?)

I am not referring to the body language exhibited by a blind child, but of the body language shown by others in his presence. For example, a student in class with his head down on his arm could be sick - or bored. A student sitting in a leaning back position with his/her legs crossed could be relaxed, a student sitting at the edge of the seat could be anxious or have to go to the bathroom. Rolling eyes could mean exasperation or contempt. My student can't see any of this, yet each one conveys meaning that I would like him to understand.

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