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I never carry my laptop from school to school. I do struggle with
remembering facts about each student's team-members and room numbers off the
top of my head (especially when my brain is focusing on one student and
someone asks me about a different student). I have adapted to my brain fog
by carrying two quick and handy non-tech resources. Although I am sighted
you could do the same thing in Braille changing the information to something
more pertinent to your own needs. 
1). I keep a thin notebook in the car for quick reference that has the
following information: my schedule, a page or two for each student (placed
in order of their lessons and color coded by VI teacher) with relevant IEP
goals, brief summary of past lesson or ideas for current lesson. I also keep
an extra copy of permission slips, and names & contact numbers of
teachers-parents-school secretaries, etc. in the notebook. I consult this
notebook in the morning, evening, and if necessary, between each lesson.
This notebook eliminates the need for me to pull individual files and fish
through pages and pages of stuff I don't need to look at to find an IEP goal
or a parent's phone number.    
2). I also carry an index card into the school with me containing the bare
minimum information necessary (important names, room numbers, length of
lesson, and shorthand IEP goals). Not all of us are blessed with good
memories and my kids, the schools, and even the city & county are all
foreign to me so I'll need the note card for awhile! It really helps me flow
smoothly. In your case you might want to only Braille student ID numbers and
birthdates on the index cards. It fits easily into a purse. My note cards
are clipped together in order of the lessons and kept with other "quick
grab" items. After each lesson I put that note card in the back of the cards
and put the front card in my purse for the next lesson.   
Joanne Laurent 
Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist
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I am  a blind TVI. I have a list of my students ID numbers and dates of
birth on personal notetaker and computer. Sometimes, the district expects me
to have it ready when I contact them. Do you think brilling the information
and having the info with me during providing services to the students at
school would be another option? I/'m just curious how TVIs have all the info
this information when one receives a phone call ferom a district or
districts you may be serving students.? Just one final note, due to the
population I serve and because I travel between with my materials I am
hesitant of taking a laptop or my personal notetaker to scdhool for fear it
may be damaged. Just wondering how other teachers deal with this issue. I am
aware that many teachers travel with laptops and have one rooom to instruct
students. I am not as lucky. Thanks the school and staff work with me to
service the students in their respective classrooms  which is valuable as to
what information you can pick up and integrate the stdent when activities
are occuring.
Sara Rooz TV in NYc
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