[Pibe-division] info for ophthalmologist eye report students visually impaired and additional disabilities

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Marianne, thanks for all the information you provided me with . I do not as of yet own either openbook or kurzweill. I have a stand alone machine, Aladin Ambassador, from a company that went out of business a few years ago, telesensory. I needed to buy myself a new notetaker to store information for my job earlier this year, so I am strapped for cash to buy either product. However, I plan to buy either product sometime in the future. Just curious to know, which product do you use. I ended buying myself a pacmate omni, since I like the company and customer service is very happy assistance to assist when needed. Also, the proice was more affordable than the braillenote from humanware. I went down to the NFB technology and had a chance to see all notetakerxs from various companies. All work on a windows platform, but the prices range from 2895 from freedom scientific to 6000$ from humanwareand one company Hims is based in Korea. I found the speech output on that product hardd to understand. So, since price was a consideration I bought the pacmate omni from Freedom scientific. Thanks again for all the valuable information.
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