[Pibe-division] checklist to monitor progress for student with visual impairment and autism

Sara Rooz sararooz at gmail.com
Tue May 3 18:58:26 CDT 2011

Hi: I am interested in knowning if there is a checklist for a student of mine who is autistic and visually impaired. I need to indicate in my annual goal and short term objectives how I measure this student's growth. I am currently on communication skills with this child, age 7, who i s visually impaired and autistic; I am using a picture exchange communication system. The child is already to hand me one picture when I guide his hand. He is also now able to hand me one picture when agiven the verbal prompt to look at the picture and hand it to me. He is then is given his reinforcer which a food. Since, this child is unable to focus for a 390 minute session, after a certain amount of trials and handing me the ppicture and receiving the food the picture represents, he is allowed to go for a walk for a few minutes. I have found that this method works well. If anyone know about a checklist I can use to monitor his progress please inform me since I would need to include this information in his IEP annual goal and short term objectives now known as benchmarks. Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide me.
Sara Rooz TVI in NYC
Independent Related Services provider vision education services
I forgot to inform the list, that since I am blind myself, I labeled all pictures in braille, so I could select the picture to work on with the student.
Sara Rooz TVI in NYC
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