[Pibe-division] chec klist to measure independent living skills for studentt who is vi and additional disabilities

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The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired has a wealth of information on the subject you are dealing with. The words you are looking for in your situation is expanded core curriculum. Here is the address to daily living skills. There are not really any checklists but there are a list of skill areas to test and steps to teach those skills. http://www.tsbvi.edu/independent-living-skills/126-general
You may also want to check out the site for information on blind students with multiple impairments. You are right to stay away from the Oregon. For one the student is 19 and even if she/he fell in most of the needs areas the lessons are designed to work with typically developing infants and toddlers. Insite is closer but is still based on very young children. There is a kit from APH that includes an assesment for nonverbal students with moderate to severe multiple disabilities. It has you moniter the students arousal states, plan goals based on student interaction, and build on those skills. 
Good Luck!

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Subject: [Pibe-division] chec klist to measure independent living skills for studentt who is vi and additional disabilities
Can anyone suggest a checklist I can include both on my IEP goal and short term objectives that deals with independent living skills. Because the student is 19 years old I am not sure to use the Oregon Project for thevisuallyy impaired and blind preschool skills inventoryy. I have seen samples goals and objectivesfor independent living skills. Can I use this as a checklist to indicate measurement of progress in achieving the goal and short term objectives for this student. The student is nonverbal and nonambulatory but hhas good receptive language and benefits from task analysis and hand-over-hand assistance to master skills in this area.Tje student is quite eager to participate in every session I see her. Thanks for any assistance.
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