[Pibe-division] need to sign up to an online system to input IEPs in New York City sesis system incompatible with Jaws how proceed?

Sara Rooz sararooz at gmail.com
Mon May 23 19:00:44 CDT 2011

He iveryone: I need adviced on the following matter. Al doe providers adn independent related service providers including vision education teachers, had to sign up to have access to a new online system, Sesis, which to ny knowledteable with my screen reader with Jaws. I plan to contact the office of contractual and related service to express my concern. I have found out this concern while networking with a vision teacher at the new york doe who is blind, who iformed me that the system is incompatible to Jaws. I wanted to know if anyone has idea  how I to about tesolving thisproble. prior to next year. Since, I am unsubscribed ffrom the listserv aenet, would someone who is am maember forward my message to the listserv so nore teachers can know about my problem.
Thanks,in advance,
Sara Rooz TVI in NYC
Independent RElated SErvice Provider Vision Education Services in New York City
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