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EricGuillory at aol.com EricGuillory at aol.com
Tue Oct 4 16:54:54 UTC 2011

I have begun liking Google Maps over MapQuest for screen reader access.  
However, if this is proving difficult, you may consider a telephone solution.  
That is, call Tell Me (800-555-TELL). One of the choices is for directions, 
and,  with the starting and ending addresses, you can obtain verbal, 
step-by-step  directions which you can then write down as needed. Lower tech, but 
still  effective.
I hope that helps.
Eric Guillory
PIBE President
In a message dated 10/4/2011 11:52:01 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
sararooz at gmail.com writes:

Does anyone know if an accessible website where I  can find driving 
directions to a school located in Brooklyn that I am  considering teaching visually 
impaired student. I am blind and am a certified  teacher of the blind and 
visually impaired. I have tried finding driving  directions on both Google 
maps and MapQuest. However, both websites are  difficult to use with my screen 
reader Jaws for Windows. I am considering  having a taxi or subscribing for 
access a ride to take me to the school.  
Sara Rooz
Certified Teacher of the blind and visually  impaired in New York 
Independent Related Service Provider Vision  Education Services in New York 

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