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Low Vision-XP-Using HIGH CONTRAST to see better 
Low vision-XP using HIGH CONTRAST options to see better

1.	Turn on Computer
2.	Hit your start key then C until you get to CONTROL PANEL and ENTER to open
3.	Accessibility options is your first option, so enter to open
4.	CTRL+TAB to display
5.	ALT+U to select the option of high contrast
6.	ALT+S to go to settings options
7.	TAB to select—use shortcut-hit space bar to select
8.	TAB to High Contrast appearance scheme
9.	Keep hitting H until you jump to High contrast black #2 (extra large)
10.	And enter to select and you will go back to the display option
11.	Hit ALT+A to apply these choices and your screen will change
12.	TAB to OK and close box
13.	ALT+F4 to close control panel
14.	The hot key to switch back and forth between regular screen and this
 option is: left ALT+LEFT-SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN –the print screen is all 
the way to the top right hand corner of your keyboard—on a laptop you 
will usually need to use the function or FN key and F11 to make this 
change—this varies depending on laptop layouts
15.	Try another option-go back to accessibility
16.	CTRL+TAB to display
17.	ALT+S for setting and TAB to high contrast schemes and hit H until you jump to, High contrast #1 (extra large) 
18.	TAB to Ok, then hit ALT+A to apply
19.	Open Word
20.	ALT+V then hit z for zoom
21.	Hit ALT+E for percent and type in 300% and enter
22.	Begin typing—change the zoom size according to what you see best
23.	Try other options
For more low vision lessons, go to http://blindgeteducated.blogspot.com/
Denise M. Robinson, TVI, Ph.D. 
Teacher of the Blind & Visually Impaired
TechVision-Independent Contractor
Specialist in blind programming/teaching/training
509-674-1853     deniserob at gmail.com
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