[Pibe-division] how convince parentws students visually impaired with additional disabilities necessity to get updated eye report

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Most areas have a service that will provide free or nominal fee service to drive parents. I actually call the service and parents to set this up. I also call the doctors to set up the time that the parent agreed to and find out about the medical coupons and who accepts them--most are on medicaid--so when you talk with a doctor you need to make sure they accept medical coupons.  You will have some parents that will not make an effort at all on this and if you need it done, this is the way to do it. This will be an on going issue in your years to come as a teacher

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>Hi Colleagues: 
>I am blind myself and am a certified 
teacher of the blind and visually impaired in New York City . I teach students who are blind 
or visually impaired with additional disabilities. Last year, the local CSE 
requested an updated eye report from each student. The majority of students 
parents or guardians have complied and I have updated eye reports on the 
majority of my  students. However, 
two students parents are not making an effort to get their child to a low vision 
clinic or ophthalmologist for the updated eye reports. I have spoken with one 
parent who states that it's difficult to travel to any appointment with the 
child and that the parent has a newborn baby and family to care for. The other 
parent is difficult to reach. I have asked the classroom teacher and the nurse 
to assist me in explaining the necessity to both parents about getting an 
updated eye report that states the student's acuity level and preferably the 
visual diagnosis. How do I gofrom here? When the time comes to revise the Iep 
and write an annual progress report for the student's annual review I  can mention in the progress report to the 
Cse that parents have refused to get an updated eye report and let the cse 
decidewhether or not  to grant these 
students services in vision education next year. Please assist me in dealing 
with difficult parents . Sara Rooz
>Certified Teacher of the Blind and 
Visually Impaired in New 
>Independent Related Service Provider 
Vision Education Services in New York 
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