[Pibe-division] The Problem with TOO Much Help

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I am not advocating the decrease in school funding but in many ways it can help many of our visually impaired students.  Schools may no longer provide an individual aid for each visually impaired student.
Marianne Denning
Intervention Specialist, Visually Impaired
Finneytown Secondary Campus
mdenning at finneytown.org
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I have had many students who fight the chance to become independent…worse I have parents who back that neediness up and insist that a para educator be glued by their side all day long, walking them everywhere and doing everything for them.
Where this backfires in the greatest area is WHEN the child finally wants to do something, or go somewhere, or apply for a scholarship or an award, they do not get it or the family refuses to let them try because they know they have no skills. The child finally gets what I have been saying all along about living up to their potential and doing for themselves and that if they don’t it will backfire on them.
 They cannot prove to anyone that they can do anything by themselves because they never have. They have never gained any independent skills to even walk from point A to point B in the easiest of locations, let allow to a bus stop or in an airport. They cannot hang up their own backpack or type on a computer nor do their work by themselves.
To someone else who is offering the great opportunity or a potential employer, they know they will be a deficit not an asset, so the opportunity will not be offered or rescinded once they find out about where that person is in independence. The person cannot email information or self-advocate for himself or herself in anyway and it takes more than twice the amount of time to do what someone totally capable can do.
It takes years to gain those independent skills and the earlier you get started the more opportunity and doors will be opened for you.


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