[Pibe-division] pictures, posters, ETC

Martha Harris latinanewschic at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 11:56:04 CDT 2012

Hi Everyone,
A teacher asked me whether a blind child should have posters or photos 
in a classroom presentation, and I told her if the sighted children were 
expected to do something, the blind child should be as well. He is in 
7th grade I think. Do you have any suggestions of how he should do this? 
I said that if it were a group presentation, that he was already working 
with people, so they would all have suggestions for photos and someone 
could describe them. If he's working alone, a powerpoint is a good 
alternative, except I don't think he has the skills to do one. Is 7th 
grade to young to suggest a reader?


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