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Great  question, Martha, and I welcome others' contributions. Might I 
suggest that he  have the photos/posters in a sequential order, using Braille to 
keep track of  the number of said photo and having a brief note for each, in 
Braille, so that  he can easily reference and discuss the exhibit. 
Hopefully, his Braille skills  are up to it. If so, that would be the easiest way to 
reference physical photos.  He could even adhere (through tape or what have 
you) the number of the photo to  the photo or poster itself—to help with 
clarity and work  flow. 
I hope that helps; have a great weekend. 
PIBE President 

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Hi  Everyone,
A teacher asked me whether a blind child should have posters or  photos 
in a classroom presentation, and I told her if the sighted children  were 
expected to do something, the blind child should be as well. He is in  
7th grade I think. Do you have any suggestions of how he should do this?  
I said that if it were a group presentation, that he was already working  
with people, so they would all have suggestions for photos and someone  
could describe them. If he's working alone, a powerpoint is a good  
alternative, except I don't think he has the skills to do one. Is 7th  
grade to young to suggest a  reader?


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