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Hi Martha,

By all means, the blind child should have posters and photos during a classroom presentation. Depending on the topic, pictures can be located on the Internet or via magazines. Pictures can be described in braille on the posters. Some items might be both visually and tactually representated. You can also go a high-tech route (e.g., powerpoint, wikkis, etc.), but keep the student's abilities and what other classmates will be doing in mind.

You can email me off list if more detail is needed. But essentially, keep in mind that our goal is to make our students competent and competitive in the real world, and most of the world relies on visual cues for learning. This is a great time for this student to learn how to do presentations that meet all of the audience's learning styles and interests. 

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1. pictures, posters, ETC (Martha Harris)


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Hi Everyone,
A teacher asked me whether a blind child should have posters or photos 
in a classroom presentation, and I told her if the sighted children were 
expected to do something, the blind child should be as well. He is in 
7th grade I think. Do you have any suggestions of how he should do this? 
I said that if it were a group presentation, that he was already working 
with people, so they would all have suggestions for photos and someone 
could describe them. If he's working alone, a powerpoint is a good 
alternative, except I don't think he has the skills to do one. Is 7th 
grade to young to suggest a reader?



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