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My blind students do PowerPoints when the class is doing poster or paper and pencil something or other--YES, with pictures and videos and anything else that is appropriate. 

Great time to start teaching him PowerPoint. The kids are actually doing this as young as 4th grade. Our kids need to know how to do it too.

Here is just one example of a student doing powerpoint--she is completely blind: Blind student demonstrates PowerPoint


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>Hi Everyone,
>A teacher asked me whether a blind child should have posters or photos in a classroom presentation, and I told her if the sighted children were expected to do something, the blind child should be as well. He is in 7th grade I think. Do you have any suggestions of how he should do this? I said that if it were a group presentation, that he was already working with people, so they would all have suggestions for photos and someone could describe them. If he's working alone, a powerpoint is a good alternative, except I don't think he has the skills to do one. Is 7th grade to young to suggest a reader?
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